Please take a moment to review these sustainability student produced media project types and reflect on how these assignments may be useful in your teaching. *If you are new to using student created media in your classes, check out
grass photo from Lawn Care student project

Report style videos designed to communicate general information on sustainable lawn care.

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Balanced journalistic style videos communicating multiple perspectives of sustainable energy, environment and water policy.

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Videos describing a global sustainability issue (EcoHealth) that communicate a more balanced perspective from multiple stakeholders. These videos also describe proposed innovative solutions with potential unintended consequences.

Video interviews with farmers and related TEDEd educational resource designed for a K-12 audience to communicate a range of different approaches of cover crop usage in farming.

Video case study communicating analysis of potential risks and mitigation strategies for sustainable forest management illustrated through specific forest case studies (silviculture).

Personal narrative digital story style videos communicating a student’s relationship to a water sustainability topic.

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Videos designed to communicate what an innovative sustainable urban landscape solution might look and sound like.

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This video produced by multiple students in a Grand Challenge Course: The Global Climate Challenge, Creating an Empowered Movement for Change (Professors Teddie Potter, Jessica Gutknecht and Julia Nerbonne) is designed to bring awareness around issues related to climate change and health (emphasis nursing perspective).

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Students in a Grand Challenges course: Power Systems Journey: Making the Invisible Visible and Actionable created interactive storymaps (ArcGIS) to illustrate the inter-connectivity of our energy grid.

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Students in Communications courses contribute content to the creation of Public Lands described as “a weekly podcast about public lands and waterways, mainly in the United States and North America, covering current developments and featuring the insights of rangers, scientists, and others working at our public land sites.”